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Guangxi Guilin Huahai Household Products Co., LTD. "Wood hanger production line technical transformation project" (waste water, waste gas, noise) completion of environmental protection acceptance opinions

2018130日,Guangxi Guilin Huahai Household products Co., LTD. According toWood hanger production line technical transformation projectCompletion Environmental Protection Acceptance Monitoring Table and compare with the Interim Measures for Completion Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Projects(Environmental Assessment[2017]4号)Construction projects shall be completed in strict accordance with relevant state laws and regulationsEnvironmental protection acceptance technical Guide, environmental impact assessment report form of the project andLipu countyEnvironmental Protection Agency EIA approval documentlichen201810No. "Guangxi Guilin Huahai Household Products Co., LTD. Wood hanger production line technical renovation project Environmental impact report form Approval"Equal demand pairThe project shall be accepted and the following comments are made:

I. Basic information of project construction

(1) Construction site, scale and main construction contents

Guangxi Guilin Huahai household goods Co., LTD"Wood hanger production line technical transformation Project"位于Lipu city Qingshan Yonghua Industrial Park建设The scale is...Annual production6000Ten thousand wooden hangers。Project footprint23626.92m2, actual total investment1718RMB 10,000, including environmental protection investment131.5Ten thousand yuan, accounting for the total investment7.65%The main construction content is paint production line6Strip, blank production line6Bar, machine sand production line3Assembly workshop, finished product warehouse, office area and its supporting electrostatic spray paint waste gas treatment system, dust bag dust removal system, domestic sewage septic tank, workshop ventilation, noise treatment measures and other environmental protection facilities

(2) Construction process and environmental approval

20185The project owner commissioned Guilin Qingshan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct an environmental impact assessment on the construction of the project and compiled the Environmental Impact Report Form for the Technical renovation Project of wood hanger production line of Guangxi Guilin Huahai Household Products Co., LTD.20181116Lipu County Environmental Protection Bureau to Lihuan audit word201810The Environmental impact Report Form of the environmental Impact Report Form of Guangxi Guilin Huahai Household Products Co., LTD., wood hanger production line technical renovation project, is approved

(3) Investment situation

Total investment The actual total investment is1718RMB 10,000, including environmental protection investment131.5Ten thousand yuan, the proportion of environmental protection investment7.65%Environmental protection investment is mainly usedPaint workshop organic waste gas emission treatment, billet workshop, machine sand workshop dust treatment, domestic sewage treatmentWorkshop ventilation, mechanical equipment noise reduction treatment, solid waste treatmentEqualizing element。

(4) Scope of acceptance

This acceptance is independent acceptance, mainly for the project's domestic sewage,Unorganized and organized air pollutants, project noise排放Verify and monitor the situation;The solid waste disposal of the project shall be checked and accepted by the competent administrative department of environmental protection.Simultaneous verification during on-site review, but not part ofThis acceptance主要Within the scope。

Ii. Project changes

The completion environmental protection acceptance of the project is carried out through site reconnaissance, working condition verification, site environmental management inspection and other working methods. After verification, the project construction content, business scope, operation process and other contents are discussed during acceptanceTechnical change environmental assessmentConsistent, all environmental protection facilities can be built in accordance with the EIA report form and EIA approval documentsSum run, there is no change。

3. Construction of environmental protection facilities

(1) Waste water

The main wastewater during the operation period is domestic sewage.The organic waste gas spray water is recycled and not discharged, so no production waste water is generated。Domestic sewage supporting construction of domestic sewage septic tankThe wastewater treated by the septic tank is regularly pumped by the fruit farmers to the orchards for dry farming irrigation, without discharge。Fruit farmers and enterprises signed sewage treatment agreements。

(2) Waste gas

The main exhaust gases during the operation period of the project are electrostatic spray paint exhaust gas, unorganized wood particles and sizing exhaust gas。Spray paint exhaust"Water spray+Activated carbon adsorption "treatment system after treatment15mExhaust tube discharge;Most of the dust in the billet workshop and machine sand workshop is removed by efficient bag dust removal system, and the clean dust tail gas and a small amount of sizing exhaust gas are discharged in unorganized form。

噪声Environmental protection facilitiesDisjunction measure

项目处置Noise treatment measureIn order to install the vibration absorber, spring shock absorber or rubber vibration absorber for the main sound equipment, regular maintenance of the production equipment, the production workshop construction becomes semi-closed, the construction of walls, strengthen the greening, etc., so that the noise generated by the project to minimize the impact on the environment, the project noise disposal measures are basicConstruction can be carried out in accordance with the EIA report form and EIA approval documents

Fourth, environmental protection facilities debugging effect

(一)Discharge of pollutants according to standards


Acceptance monitoringDuring this period, the factory boundary was downwind3The monitoring values of total suspended particulate matter, formaldehyde and non-methane hydrocarbon at each monitoring point were all up toGB16297-1996Table of Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants2Concentration limit requirements for unorganized emission monitoring of air pollutants from new sources。

2.Organization of exhaust gas emission standards

During the acceptance monitoring, the monitoring values of the main monitoring factors such as particulate matter, formaldehyde, non-methane total hydrocarbon, benzene, toluene and xylene were all reached after the treatment of the project's electrostatic spray paint waste gasGB16297-1996Table of Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants2Table the maximum emission limits of air pollutants from new pollution sourcesHigh allowable排放浓度And secondary emission rate requirements。


During acceptance monitoring,Project domestic sewage pollution monitoring indicatorsMonitored valueAll reachGB5084-2005Water quality standard for Farmland irrigation requirements for dry farming standards。

3.Plant boundary noise

During the acceptance period,The east, south, north and north day and night monitoring values of the project plant boundary noise all meet the Environmental noise Emission Standards for Industrial Enterprise Plant Boundary (GB12348-2008Types of acoustic environmental functional areas outside factory boundaries2Class standard limit requirements。

4.Solid waste treatment facilities

Synchronous verification, solid waste in all aspects of the project production are properly disposed of, hazardous waste temporary storage room is set up, and the unit with hazardous waste disposal qualification (LiuZhou Golden Sun Industrial waste disposal Co., LTDA disposal agreement was signed。

5.Total pollutant discharge

The EIA approval of this project does not require the total amount of pollutants discharged。

The impact of construction on the environment

This item belongs to新建项目,Located in the industrial park,The impact on the surrounding environment is slight, so the environmental quality around the project is not monitored。

Vi. Supplementary contents suggested in the acceptance report

1The wastewater monitoring report has subcontracted projects, and the basic information of the subcontracting unit should be noted in the text;

2Improve the description of the analysis method in the text and the correct representation of the data;

3The energy used in the drying process and its pollutants should be described in the text;

4Perfect the proofreading of the text。

, acceptance conclusion

According to the Regulations on the Administration of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects and the Interim Measures for the Acceptance of Environmental Protection upon Completion of Construction Projects,Guangxi Guilin Huahai Household products Co., LTD. Wooden hanger production line technical transformation projectThe acceptance working group reached the following conclusions:项目In the process of implementationComplement and completeEnvironmental impact assessment手续Implemented environmental protectionThe "three simultaneous" management system has implemented various environmental protection measures and requirements set forth in the EIA and its approval.Have pass环保竣工Acceptance condition。项目After passing the environmental protection acceptance, focus on the following work:

1、加强Staff safety and environmental management training, and strive to achieve safe production, energy conservation and environmental protection

2Strengthen the management of pollution treatment facilities, ensure the long-term normal operation of environmental protection treatment facilities, and ensure the stable discharge of pollutants。

3Further improve the project environmental protection management system。









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