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SA8000 to HUAHAI

Our companyOn January 9, 2020, SA8000 certification was obtainedFor this we have formulatedSocial responsibility policy为:


"Compliance with legal standards"

Core requirements of social responsibility。Not only do employees comply with national and local laws and regulations, but the company also complies with all relevant laws, regulations and standards in the course of operation。

"Safety and Health"

Basic indicators of social responsibility。The company adopts the management mode of diagnosis and prevention, education and training to provide protection for the health and safety of employees' work and life。It is reflected in personal protective equipment, equipment protection facilities, health and sanitation environment, awareness education and training。

"Caring for Employees"

The basic starting point of social responsibility。The company prohibits child labor, forced labor, punishes employees, respects the right of all employees to voluntarily organize and join unions and engage in collective bargaining, meets or exceeds the salary and working hour requirements of laws and regulations, and strives to provide employees with room for growth。

"Green management"

Environmental requirements for social responsibility。In the various processes of the company's production and operation, it is reflected in the prevention and control of pollution, waste reduction and energy saving, and providing safe and environmental protection products and services for the society。

"Continuous progress"

Long-term principles of social responsibility。embody"Safety and Health", "Caring for Employees", "Green management" is a process of continuous pursuit and improvement;In addition,Within the company to meet or exceed the relevant laws, regulations, standards and relevant party requirements at the same time,Develop and evaluate suppliers or subcontractors to progressively improve their ability to meet SA8000 social responsibility requirements。

All the management of the companyHereby undertake:

Compliance with standard

Comply with state and local laws and regulations, state, local andSA8000 and related social responsibility standards for the industry。

Safety and health

To provide a healthy and safe environment for employees to work and live。

Care for employees

No child labor, no discrimination, noForced laborPunish employees, respect the right of all employees to voluntarily form and join unions and bargain collectively,Meet or exceed legal and regulatory pay and hours requirementsAnd strive to provide employees with room to grow。

Green management

In the various processes of our production and operationPrevent or regulate pollution, reduce waste and save energy, and provide safe and environmental protection products and services for the society。

Voluntary assessment

We voluntarily accept your social responsibility assessment activities. If our company violates the above commitments, our company is willing to take corrective measures according to law to meet the requirements of higher social responsibility, and gradually improve the system to achieveSA8000 social responsibility standard requirements。



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